Gary Sparks

Gary Sparks is the Program Director for the Metropolitan Community College Cybersecurity Center, a full-time instructor, and a retired Chief Master Sergeant (CMSgt) from the US Air Force and Air National Guard. He has 38 plus years of experience in security and computer technology operations and management. 

As the Chief of Security for an Intelligence squadron, he managed all security programs and advised the commander on processes, policy, and procedures for physical, information, operations, transmission, technical, and communications security. He additionally was a master instructor for the US Air Force. 

Serving in the Neb Air National Guard, he worked as a crew member, team leader and superintendent of communications. He also served and the State Human Resource Advisor and designed professional development for both officer and enlisted corps, advised the Adjutant General on diversity and climate. His academic skills were used on Feb 14 when he was deployed to the Czech Republic to train 21 NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization) nations on configuration management and change management with security emphasis. He also served as the superintendent of personnel at the Joint Force Headquarters (JFHQ) before retiring.

Gary holds two AS (Associate of Science) degrees from the Community College of the Air Force (CCAF) in Instructor of Military Science and Technology and Security and Law Enforcement Administration. He also holds a BS (Bachelor of Science) and MS (Master of Science) in Management of Information Systems (MIS) with a focus on INFOSEC (Information Security) from Bellevue University.